Scripture: Ps 27:10 

Have you suffered any form of rejection lately? Do you feel so dejected, hopeless and sad? I have good news for you – God is waiting and ready to help (Ps 46:1). The Lord is waiting for you to call on him in prayer (Ps 145:18). You might have prayed before, it does not matter, you need to pray again. Your present predicament is inconsequential in the sight of God - if you allow him to come in, you are sorted.
Why have you been rejected? Has that fellow who initially said yes to the proposed marriage now says no? Don’t worry, your heavenly father is making a way for you. He will do it in such a way that will amaze you and everyone rejoicing at your calamity now. You will soon be married and you will no longer be called rejected (Isa 62:4). But you need to pray! 
Are you so dejected because you have applied for that most desired job and could not get it? Or it is that much-needed visa application and you were rejected. The Lord is saying ‘now is the time to get it’ – step back, re-strategise and dedicate some time to pray about it, and go for it again. Surely, the Lord will help you and the result will be amazing.  
I have emphasised in this message that you need to pray. Why? The reason is that you need to know whether it the devil is trying to block your way or maybe what you are chasing after is not even the plan of God for your life. I know a young man who proposed to a lady a few years ago and after a while, the lady rejected and insulted him. Shortly after that event, he realised that God has a different and a better plan for his life. Beloved, note this; some rejections are blessings in disguise! Please pray!! 
Viewing from the works of enemy’s perspective, rejection might be the result of an evil mark of the devil on you. This mark you cannot see physically, but it manifest wherever you go for help. In this case, an intense prayer of deliverance is needed. Beloved, don’t be ignorant of the devices of the devil (2Cor 2:11). You might not be able to kill the devil, but you have a God who can frustrate his evil plans (Job 5:12). So, pray! 
Finally, if your case is job-related, then check that you have the required skill and tick boxes for that job application or contract. The scripture encourages you to study to show yourself approved (2Tim 2:15). David was already a skilful shepherd of sheep before God could call him to shepherd his people. 
How about your salvation?
Are you saved? Not sure? Then you need to understand that one of the surest ways to get God’s help is by submitting to his leadership. The only way to do this is by submitting to Jesus Christ, the Lord. If you will like to do so today, then say this short prayer of salvation with all your heart and you will be saved.