lady with lamp
Light, as we all know, is very important in human life. Imagine a sudden absence of all form of light (the sun, the moon, electricity, solar, etc) in the whole world. What do you think? A beautiful dark world or a disgusting and awful dark planet to live in? I guess your answer is as good as mine: The world will be a miserable place to live in! Sorrow will not be uncommon! The future will be gloomy! And death will be commonplace.  Believe me or not, such is the situation with everyone who does not have ‘the light of life’.

In Genesis 1:3, God said “Let there be light” and what follows was a big miracle that is forever with us. This scripture (Gen. 1:3), apart from its contextual meaning, has a big spiritual implication for some category of people: the miserable, people with marital woes, the captive, and those with addictions.

Let’s look at two of these today and we can some other times look into others. 


If you consider yourself to be living a miserable life – a life that is empty and full of unhappiness, you are probably wallowing in the swamp of spiritual darkness. This might be a pointer to the presence of spiritual darkness within and around you. If your future is gloomy and there seems to be no direction to your life, the solution to your challenges lie in what God is saying to you today “let there be light”. Now, when God speaks, the choice is yours to accept it or not. To me, ‘Let there be light’ implies that you have a role to play: The simple role you need to play is to allow the light into your life. You might be asking how? Jesus says in John 8:12 that ‘he is the light of the world and that anyone who follows him will not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life’. Jesus is the light you need in your life. If you will accept Him (Jesus) as Lord and Saviour today, he will fill you with the light that is sufficient to disperse any darkness that has brought emptiness and misery to your life.


Marriage is meant to be enjoyed. To some people, it’s not exactly so. If your marriage has never known peace and all that happens in your home is regular fighting and quarrelling, this is a sign of the absence of ‘the light of life’. When darkness surrounds a home or marriage, the husband will not be able to see anything that he does wrong and so also the wife. If for example, the wife offends the husband, pride will not allow her to apologise, hence no peace and love in the home. Pride in this example is one of those elements of darkness that the light of God is ready to take away from you. The presence of light of God in your home will lay bare every root of disagreement and help you to overcome them. If you consider your marriage to be in a turbulent situation, God is saying to you today “Let there be light”.


The only way to receive the light of God is by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour of your life. With Jesus, you can overcome all form of darkness. The scripture says in John 1:5 ESV that “the light shines in darkness and darkness has never put it out”. If you allow the light of God into your life, he will not only give your life a meaning but will save your soul as well. Accept Jesus into your life today by saying this short prayer of salvation. God bless you.