Jesus on the crossRevelation 13:8 reveals to us that the Lamb of God was slain from the foundation of the world. What an interesting scripture! But how come? Because we know Jesus as the Lamb of God (John 1:29). He came to this world just around 2045 years ago and was crucified some 2012 years ago. As we know, the world has been in existence long before Christ was born into this world. So how come the scripture says He was slain before the foundation of the world? And who actually slay him from the foundation of the world?
Beloved don’t be amazed. Jesus (the Lamb of God) pre-exist the world (John 8:57, Proverb 8:23-30) and I believe He must have been slain twice: first in the spiritual – from the foundation of the world and second in the physical by the Jews.

To make things clearer, the scripture refer to the Devil (Satan) as a murderer from the beginning (John 8:44). Did you ever ask yourself, who did he murder? The first murder case recorded in the bible was that of Abel. He was killed by Cain his brother. Though we may say that Cain was inspired by Devil but it will not be right to say that Satan murdered Abel. So why did Jesus referred to Satan as a murderer from the beginning? Revelation 12:7-12 recorded that there was a war in heaven in which Satan and his angels were defeated and more interestingly, it was the blood of the Lamb (blood of Jesus) that was used as the instrument of victory to defeat the devil (Satan).
I guess that Satan must have murdered the Lamb of God in the beginning of creation (during the time of Satan’s rebellion against God) and the angels of God led by arch angel Michael then appropriate the blood of the Lamb to overcome the Devil. But the Lamb of God (Jesus) being the resurrection and the life (John 11:25) then resurrected again and took his position as the Lord of all. This must be the reason why Satan and his angels were cast down to the earth (Revelation 12:9-10).
The reason for that murder is not far-fetched. God said “let all the angel of God bow down to his Son (Jesus) but Satan being a fellow that is filled with pride will perhaps not want to do that, so he rebel because of pride (Ezekiel 28:17).

Murdered by the Jews for a Purpose
Jesus left his glory as the Lord of heaven and earth and came to this world to show us the path of truth but the Jews out of unbelief, envy and ignorance murdered him again. They crucified him even without any sin. Anyway, that was for a purpose; that you and I might not perish because of our sins. Jesus died physically on the cross so that our sins might be forgiven and in order for us to have eternal life (John 3:16). Thank God that he resurrected again from death. Thank God for the hope of resurrection for us who believe in Him. Though he was murdered twice yet he is alive forever.
Please note that without Jesus you cannot enter the kingdom of God. If you will like to receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour today please say this short prayer of salvation and be born again.

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