The 'Unstoppable Generation' was the theme of the October 2012 Holy Ghost service of the RCCG. The ministration was awesome. Lots of prophetic utterance from Daddy G.O (Pastor E.A. Adeboye).

If perhaps you missed the service, here are the 10 prayer points raised by Daddy G. O. at the Holy Ghost service.
  1. Praise God that you are here tonight
  2. Father give me the grace to stop being my own enemy
  3. Father let your blood (i.e blood of Jesus) speak for me against all satanic hosts
  4. Father let your stripes avail for me against all sickness, all diseases, all aches and pains
  5. Father neutralise all efforts of my adversaries tonight
  6. Every obstacle to my success, father crush them tonight
  7. Father take me to the highest level possible regardless any opposition
  8. Father make me unstoppable
  9. Father let me begin to enjoy joy unspeakable
  10. Finally, say your individual prayers.
You can still watch the Holy Ghost service and other RCCG programmes at The Redeemed Christian Church of God website.

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