The 'Wonders of His Favour' was the theme of the RCCG May Holy Ghost service. As usual, the service was awesome. Daddy G.O. (Pastor E.A. Adeboye) gave the following prayer points at the Holy Ghost service over the night.

1. praise God that his grace has kept you alive till today.
2. Father please just have mercy on me.
3. Father please let your favour locate me right now.
4. Father please treat my case as special tonight.
5. Father, please get involved in my case right now.
6. Father, don’t pass me by tonight, draw me nearer to yourself.
7. Father, please let me have a taste of your awesome power tonight.
8. Father, help me, just help me.
9. Father, answer all my prayers. Grant all my request tonight.
10. Do more father that I can ever ask for.
11. Any other request you desire

May the favour of the King of Kings rest upon you as you pray this month in the name of Jesus.

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