Read: Romans 8:1-8


Christian Devotions Memory Verse
“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit” (Romans 8:1 KJV)
The plan of God for us is to live a life that is free from sin. Men (including women) by nature cannot live a sinless life as long as the flesh is in full control their activity. When a man is in the flesh, he will desire those things that will please the flesh and some of these things are actually against the flow of the Spirit of God. For instance, the flesh may desire to drink 2 glass of wine after the day work so that you can sleep and forget everything happening around you, but the Spirit of God may be willing to give you direction on how to solve the puzzle confronting your business that same night if you pray and go to bed early. The two cannot work together: it is either you obey the spirit of God or you fulfil the lust of your flesh.
When I was about to marry, there was a lady I really love and have made up my mind to marry but the spirit of God lead me away from that path after series of prayer session. When I received the revelation that I should not continue, it was very painful but I had no option than to obey the Lord. If I had decided not to obey Him anyway, the Lord will just be looking and when the consequence of my disobedience come there is no amount of prayer that will be able to help the situation (Proverb 1:24-29).
A call to walk in the spirit is a call to walk in obedient to the word of God and to eschew the works of the flesh which are sinful. The reason why God want us to walk in the spirit is made clear – so that his children will not fulfil the lust of the flesh. The scripture points out to us that the word of God are Spirits (John 6:63); if it be so, then each time we disobeyed the word of God to do what pleases us, then we are fulfilling the lust of our flesh. By so doing we cannot please God (Romans 8:8).
Another reason for the call to walk in the Spirit has to do with the most important issue of eternal life. Those who have made up their mind to please the desire of their flesh while on earth will not be able to dwell with God in his heavenly palace in the last day (Gal 5:21) but will spend their own eternity in hell. What a calamity! Now does that mean that God does not want you to enjoy life to the fullest? Far from it, God wants us to be happy and enjoy our life to the fullest but in obedience to his word. He does not want you to indulge in those things that will have negative impacts on your life. He knows that when you do those things he asked you not to do, they will ultimately come back to harm you. For instance, when God says do not commit adultery, is it the Home of God that will be broken when your spouse discovered your secret affairs? Certainly it is yours. Be wise.
Today’s devotion gives us some insight on why we must walk in the Spirit. So check if you’ve been disobeying God in any area of your life and make amend today. If perhaps you are reading this and you have not giving your life to Christ, the today is the day for you to accept Jesus. Do not delay.
Christian Devotions Prayer Point
Father, please give me the grace to always walk in the Spirit. Let your word be my delight and let me never fulfil the lust of my flesh at the expense of your word. Thank you Jesus (Amen)