Scripture reading: John 15:18-20

Memory Verse
“For the LORD will vindicate his people and have compassion on his servants.” (Psalm135:14 ESV)

wife wrongly accusing husbandIt is a terrible thing to be wrongly accused; particularly when you have no supporting argument to clear or defend yourself. I have been victim of wrong accusations many times but the Lord has been my vindicator. Wrong accusations can come in many shapes and sizes; physical and spiritual. In the physical, friends can accuse you; family member can lie against you; colleagues in the place of work can conspire against you all because they hate you. In the spiritual realm also, Satan and his agents are full time accusers of the children of God just because they hate them (Revelation 12:10).
Beloved, if you are wrongly accused in this physical world, do not be dismayed but give thanks to God because you may still have the opportunity to defend yourself. The worst scenario of wrong accusation is the one that happens in the kingdom of darkness which you know not about yet you are being punished for. Whenever the agent of darkness wants to attack a particular person, they will concoct all sorts of lies against the fellow in their kingdom so that their fellow members can join hand in afflicting him. I pray that you will not be victim of satanic attack in the name of Jesus. As the Lord has promised to vindicate his people, he will vindicate you and set you free in Jesus name.

The best way to overcome satanic accusation and attack is to befriend the Holy Spirit while making a holy life a lifestyle. When we consecrate our life to God in holiness, any evil accusation levy against us will be in vain. Proverb 26:2 says “…so the curse causeless shall not come.” What this scripture is saying is that curse without a cause will not stand. Beloved, be holy; do away with all sins. When God says we should be holy, it is not for his own benefit but for our own benefit. God is already a Holy One; He’s holier than the holiest and we cannot add to his holiness. But for us when we live a holy life, we would live an overcoming life. Satan and his kingdom cannot overcome a holy one. When we live a holy life we become a light that overcomes the darkness (John1:5).

Salvation Corner

The Lord will only vindicate his people (Psalm 135:14). If you will like God to fight for you; if you will like Him to frustrate every devices of the wicked directed against you, then accept Jesus today. Whenever you are ready, just say this short prayer of salvation and let Jesus be the ruler of your life.

Devotional Prayer Point
Almighty father, I thank you because you are God that can vindicate me. Please fill my life with your fullness, give me the grace to live a victorious life in the name of Jesus. Judge me O Lord and set me free from all evil accusations in the name of Jesus.

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