Cain envies Abel his brotherEnvy is destructive. It lies, it covets and it kills. The satanic stronghold of envy is a pathway to eternal destruction. Envy must not only be combated with the word of God but also with fervent prayer. If you or your loved one has fallen into the captivity of the sin of envy, here is a list of scriptural based prayers you can pray while trusting God (through the Holy Spirit) to set you free.

Praise, Worship and Thanksgiving

Start by praising the Lord of heaven and earth. Sing unto him and bless his holy name. If you don’t know how to sing, just go ahead and give thanks unto God whose mercy endures forever. He alone is worthy to receive all glory and honour.
  • Heavenly Father, I thank you for keeping me alive even to this day.
  • Father, I thank you for giving me the grace to realise that I have sinned.
  • Almighty God I thank you for what you are set to do in my life as I bring my prayer unto you.
  • I thank you Lord Jesus for your love, mercy and faithfulness.
  • Almighty father, I give you praise, honour and adoration.

Prayer Points for overcoming Envy

  1. Everlasting Father, I come before you today, please forgive me of every sin of envy in the name of Jesus (1John 1:7-9). Lord, please cleanse me by your precious blood and make me whole.
  2. Father, please give me the grace to be satisfied and be contented with whatever I have in the name of Jesus (Luke 3:14, 1 Timothy 6:6-7).
  3. Heavenly father, please give me the grace to have peace with you and with everyone around me in the name of Jesus.
  4. Almighty father, please let my love be centred not on the things of this world but on the heavenly inheritance which you have provided for me (1John 2:15-16) in the name of Jesus.
  5. Father please fill me with the wisdom that emanate from the Holy Spirit (James 3:14-17) and let your Holy Spirit rule my life in the name of Jesus.
  6. Heavenly Father, please give to me the spirit of humility so that I can exalt other than myself (1Peter 5:5) in the name of Jesus.
  7. Father, please open my inner eyes and my heart to see envy whenever it comes. Lord, please give me the grace not to fall prey to this sin again in the name of Jesus.

Are You Saved?

The first step towards overcoming the stronghold of envy is to have Christ Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. With Jesus you can overcome envy whenever it lurks around, but without Him you might be miserable. Accepts Jesus into your life today! Say this short prayer of salvation and be born again.

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